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Thank you so much for volunteering your services at the 2008 Kiwanis Charity Auction.

The Auction was a great success raising over $43,000. It was the largest and most profitable fundraiser ever for our Club.

Every year the Kiwanis Club of Manchester donates at least $65,000 to a dozen local youth oriented organizations. These dollars truly help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids everyday.

Please accept our sincerest appreciation for all that you did to make to Auction 2008 a winner.

Warmest regards,

Tom Kallechey

“Recently I volunteered to help the Kiwanis Club in Manchester with their annual Webster House auction that benefits children in the local area. We raised a record $34,000.00. Here I am photographed during one of my times up on the auction block.” I’d like to thank Frank Eaton for inviting me to help out with calling the auction. This was my second year helping and it really was a lot of fun and is for a great cause.